Overwatch is committed to providing the highest level of service.

We support you in all areas of the insurance process and have practical experience developing, structuring and procuring insurance solutions for multi-national companies.

Overwatch has long term experience managing risk and procuring insurance in the Middle East and Africa. We have experience working with large property risks, logistics companies, security companies, construction and engineering companies and project management companies. Our professionals have been Risk Managers of multi-national companies and they share a Risk Manager’s view on balancing retained risk vs. procuring risk transfer.

Let us join your team as consultant or partner to help you formulate your risk management strategy and procure insurance on a global basis or specifically in the Middle East and Africa. Our experience comes from having boots on the ground. Our professionals have both lived and worked extensively in the region. Our insights come from our close interaction with risk on the ground in the region.

Are you already overburdened with too many additional daily work responsibilities?

Let Overwatch train and develop your existing Risk Management Team. We have been in your shoes and we have professional and practical training and experiences to share with you. We can tailor a program of training to your needs. We can start with the basics and move up or we can offer higher level insights specifically targeted at reinsurance structuring, deductible level management, retained risks management and financing and third party adjustors. We can help you strike the right balance with the risks you want to manage internally vs. the services you wish to procure from outside vendors and third parties. We can also suggest software to help you manage the information that is critical to your risk oversight processes and your risk assessment processes.

Overwatch performs and teaches Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), which is different from Traditional Risk Management (TRM) practices in force in most organizations. ERM looks at both the upside and downside of risk, where TRM focuses specifically on losses and causes of loss. ERM is a more modern and total organizational approach to all risks or uncertainties facing an organization that can result either in financial gain or financial loss.

ERM risks are separated into four main categories:

  1. Organizational
    1. Board Composition
    2. Regulatory Environment
    3. Community Relations
    4. Supply Chain
    5. Quality Control
    6. Information Systems
    7. Accounting Controls
    8. Talent Management and Acquisition
  1. Financial
    1. Currency and Foreign Exchange
    2. Interest Rates
    3. Credit
    4. Market Risks
    5. Receivables
    6. Liquidity
    7. Cash Flow
  1. Hazard
    1. Contracts
    2. Natural Events
    3. Vendors and Suppliers
    4. Litigation
    5. Public Access and Interaction
    6. Products and Services
    7. Assets and Property
    8. Employees
  1. Strategic
    1. Customer Demand
    2. Industry Changes
    3. Competitive Pressures
    4. Merger & Acquisition Integration
    5. Research & Development
    6. Intellectual Capital
    7. Marketing

Overwatch has experience conducting Merger & Acquisition due diligence as an integral and important part of an M&A due diligence deal team.

We further have experience procuring finite risk policies and buyer or seller side M&A insurance to cover financial liabilities or uncertainties that are uncovered during the M&A due diligence process.

Consider utilizing insurance in your next merger or acquisition as a means of limiting or reducing funds kept in escrow.