Employee Insurance

Your employees are your most important assets.

Employee Insurance

We can help you to provide the best protection possible through customized Employee Insurance packages, with coverage that includes Hostile Acts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Overwatch can design employee benefits insurance programs for the unique risks found in the Middle East, war zones and hostile areas. We know how to coordinate U.S.-based or European-based employee insurance plans with similar coverage in the Middle East and Africa. We work directly with Human Resources to understand the coverage required and match programs in the United States with corresponding Expat programs in the MEA region.

We can procure and provide the following:

  • Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance - including coverage for Hostile Acts
  • Group Medical Insurance - including coverage for Hostile Acts
  • Repatriation Coverage
  • Kidnap & Ransom
  • Medical Evacuation Coverage
  • Short and Long Term Disability Coverage

Overwatch has experience procuring employee related insurance in War Zones and Hostile Territories to include Iraq and Afghanistan.

We do not accept insurance with “hostile acts” exclusions or “war and terrorism” exclusions for companies that have employees facing these risks. We have experience placing Kidnap & Ransom coverage and we know how to specifically work with both insurers and employers to properly structure repatriation services when required.

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