Marine Insurance

Coverage for cargo traveling overseas.

Marine Insurance

Overwatch procures Marine Insurance for cargo in transit, particularly into Iraq and Afghanistan. We work with local markets, backed by A rated, Lloyd’s of London reinsurance to create the coverage and limits you need. We offer London Market Clause A coverage options, as well as coverage for SRCC and war on land risks, as needed.

We can procure and provide the following:

  • Port Terminal Operators Coverage
  • Cargo Legal Liability
  • Marine Cargo - including Iraq and Afghanistan
  • War on Land - including Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Hauliers Liability
  • Warehouse Legal Liability
  • Hull & Machinery
  • Protection & Indemnity
  • Terrorism, SRCC

We know that in the Middle East and Africa, logistics and warehousing companies commonly provide full value coverage for clients' goods in their care, custody or control. We can offer "open warehousing" insurance programs, allowing clients to declare their monthly volume of Goods of Others online. This way, you can procure the insurance you require on a month-to-month basis.

Overwatch has strong relationships with logistics and security partners in the Iraqi Port of Umm Qasr. Our partners can provide customs clearance, storage, onward movement and security for goods entering Iraq through the port and traveling onward within the country. We can provide coverage for both containerized and oversized project cargo goods, with the limits you require, including large amounts for oil and gas cargo, entering through Umm Qasr or Kuwait and traveling overland.

We can also insure cargo destined for Afghanistan. We can insure entering through the port of Karachi and traveling onward to Afghanistan via either the Southern Route through Quetta into Helmand, or traveling the traditional Northwest Frontier Route via Peshawar and the Khyber Pass, or the new routes down from Kazakhstan. Insurance for goods traveling within Afghanistan can be difficult to procure. Security arrangements and logistics partners use in the movement are both key to the success of the voyage and both directly affect the cost of insurance. Our logistics and security partners can safely and securely address these important moves.

Our marine cargo and cargo legal liability coverage can be secured online, allowing customers to quote and bind coverage, as well as issue Lloyd's of London certificates, 24/7, anywhere in the world.